Fourteen-year-old Cade Werner loved sports. From cross country to basketball to baseball to trap shooting, there was a sport for every season.

But there was more to Cade than sports. He was an excellent student, taking classes at Hartford High School while still a student at Honor Intermediate School in Rubicon. Cade had a great sense of humor and a quick wit. He also had a big heart and loved helping people.

Today, that heart is helping a boy from Green Bay live a full life.

In March of 2017, Cade was in a car accident that caused a brain injury. He was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, but passed away four days later. When Cade’s parents Gloria and Tom Werner were asked if they would like to donate his organs, the decision wasn’t hard.

“I thought about it for a second, and as hard as it is to hear that question, I said, ‘Of course.’ Cade loved helping people and he would have thought it was so cool to save someone’s life,” said Gloria.

Not only did Cade’s heart end up saving the life of a 4-year-old boy, but his kidneys, liver and pancreas ended up saving the lives of three additional organ recipients.

The Werners are thankful that at a time of tragedy, they were able to donate Cade’s organs to help others. Cade’s legacy lives on not only through the four people’s lives he saved, but also with the Play 4 Cade baseball/bean bag tournament which raises awareness for organ donation and scholarships in memory of Cade. The 2021 Play 4 Cade is scheduled for Mother’s Day weekend, May 7-9, in Rubicon.