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Man Who Survived Cancer

And Double Lung Transplant

Organizes Cream City 5K

By David Ade of the WDJT-Milwaukee


A man who survived cancer and a double lung transplant will showcase his success story at a new 5k run this weekend.


The first ever Cream City 5k will support organ donation


The race is here at Greenfield Park, but there's more inspiration behind this race than just the love of running to a finish in the Chicago and the Boston...



Transplants Don't Stop Runner Jesse Pagels
by Lori Nickel of the Journal Sentinel Run your own race. We say that, but sometimes it doesn’t stick, does it? We run our races and check our times and hold ourselves to high standards, or compare ourselves to races in the past (or the runners around us) and sometimes we forget the big picture. So we need a reminder: each race is different for every runner.
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